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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

survey about International Conflict

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

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Survey Report on International Conflict

Purpose of the survey

This survey was realized to determine the degree of fear of the population about armed conflict or a Third World War. In my survey you could learn which causes are most sensitive to start an International conflict.


The survey take’s the opinion of the people all around the world by asking them 10 questions. I didn’t count question number 10 because it is repeated twice in the survey so I will do an analysis on only 9 questions. I was happy because 30 people took time to answer my survey. All questions of my survey contained multiple choices on International Conflict. After one month, I collected the data of my survey on the Internet. During the compilation of my survey, I didn’t use the category “other” to complete my analysis because some people write a mountain of silliness.


It is interesting to know that 93% of our replies come from America and Europe. The majority of the people think that the most frequent reasons for a nation to go into conflict is for religious purposes but they said that Natural resources and differences in political opinion can be a reason that can provoke a nation to conflict too.

The majority of the replies tell that it is the government or citizens who allowed the decision whether a country can go to war. It’s very impressive to see that 33% of the respondents are ready to go fight if their country goes to war.
Even if a lot of people are patriotic, only 27% are agree with a country’s decision to go to war because of strategic alliances. Even if the majority of the people are not afraid of a Third World War, 33.3% are afraid, it’s enormous!!

The findings underline the danger of the media on international conflict.
It’s very interesting to conclude that everybody who comes from Europe finds the caricatures of the prophet Mohamed inappropriate or they are indifferent and nobody finds them shocking or amusing. So we can know that the people who live in Europe were not affected by all the drawings.

Finally we can make a very weird link between the 10.3% people who think that the government propaganda can’t degenerate into a conflict and the people who are afraid of a Third World War threat because all these 10.3% people are afraid of a Third World War.


Many factors can provoke an International Conflict. However, the majority of the people think that they come from Religious reasons. Some variables are difficult to analyze, such as, the reaction of the people about the caricatures of the prophet Mohamed because the people who answered my survey are generally concentrated in America and nobody comes from Iran, Iraq, etc, so we don’t have the percentage of the real opinion of the people all around the world. My biggest surprise comes from the question number four where the majority of the people say that they will be patriotic if their country goes to war.

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